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 Forum Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Regulations   Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:22 am

First I'd like to thank everyone for joining this forum and the club. I hope everyone here can learn a great deal from this group, make new friends, and so on. All I ask is that everyone follow these basic rules for posting to help keep this place clean and friendly. Thanks again!


1. Let's keep thing friendly here. No obscene language. I greatly encourage debates and discussions but will not tolerate lashing out or attacks.

2. Try to keep on topic. Please post in the appropriate forums and no hijacking others' posts.

3. Please report any and all questionable activity to me or one of the mods.

4. Do not post other peoples pictures or any other copyrighted material unless you have permission.

5. Please make sure your pictures are no more than 800 pixels wide so as not to stretch the forums. Free picture sizing software is available at http://bluefive.pair.com/pixresizer.htm .

9. Mods may send you an infraction warning if you violate any rules or to inform you of your post being deleted, edited, or moved. Please DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY, that is the only time efficient way the mods can let you know about these things. If you think the mods have been unfair to you, please contact me directly.

10. In order to keep everything here legible and to help insure others can correctly read what you are posting we ask that you try to use proper punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and so on. Do not post all in caps as this can be perceived as 'yelling'. If your first language is not English, we understand. Let us know and we'll take this into account.

11. Most importantly, have fun!
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Forum Rules and Regulations
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